Gun Violence?

Gun violence or gun related violence is committing violence by means of a firearm. Studies have found a positive link between suicide, homicide and gun possession. Among developed countries, the USA has the maximum number per funding of gun related deaths. Additionally, it has the maximum number of people owning guns. Laws and policies are set so as to regulate the manufacture, possession and sale of firearms and firearms by American taxpayers.

Neighborhoods which are struggling with poverty, failing schools and Daytona Animal Trapping unemployment have elevated instances of gun violence in comparison to other states. Intense Racial disparities can also be a factor that contributes to gun violence. Lauren krivo a sociologist studying geography of crime and race states that violence isn’t caused by race but by racialized conditions which are racially inequitable. Black guys are largely the victims of gun murder in cities experiencing high gun homicides which has also persisted for a while now. This is based on data from the FBI. A researcher at George Mason University on Geographical distribution of offense David Weisbard reported that the problem could not be solved if it’s approached as a broad worldwide problem where money is poured into a wide international way. Rather it ought to be taken as a condition problem where those countries which have a higher rate of gun violence are given the first priority. This is because a lot of gun violence in America occurs in little predictable places. The violence is triggered by a group of high-risk individuals and is arbitrary. This is the first time that the census truck was used in America to map down nationally gun homicides. Reports from the FBI federal crime statistics provides data on gun violence just in the city level that overshadows violence.

Conservatives and liberals have argued that intense social trends are the significant causes of gun violence. Government failures, cultural violence and poisonous dynamics in households who are marginalized are the causes of the violence based on conservatives. Consequently, racism, historical oppression, insufficient opportunities and accessibility of firearms lead to violence based on liberals. The risk factors are poverty and inequality and people at higher risk are demographic groups because violence spreads like a virus from one individual to the other.

Among the best approach in preventing the violence would be to target those with firearms to hurt themselves and others and find ways of reducing it. These are high-risk people though the amount is small. Proposals are brought up after several high profile shooting incidents like banning military style assault weapons. Though this may work, it may only save a few of individuals hence not making a significant difference. Local programs have decreased gang related violence by 20 to 40% hence communities must advocate for more funding of those programs. A law was passed by New York State that demanded the mental health professionals to report any man who was discovered to be dangerous either to himself or to other people into the state database. Some cities have completed an investigation of gun violence and discovered that a few of individuals are responsible for forcing these violence. A direct communication with these young guys with a couple help on regulating law enforcement resulted in a rapid drop in the amount of gun violence cases. This strategy was successful through coordination between community members and the police department in areas which were affected by the violence. The strategy was implemented in other states across the entire country and with sufficient funding, may be a good method of decreasing gun related violence.

Another alternative is for the authorities to implement tough legislation. According to FBI, data of related press investigation 760 American citizens are murdered with firearms by their husbands or wives. The data also indicates that the majority of the victims are girls. The shooting might wind up with both victims dying, since most of these are domestic violence shootings. Laws, which were set targeting domestic abusers, aren’t helping the sufferers that much as most of them have little effect. Studies conducted by three companies found out there was a decline in the amount of deaths associated with gun violence on states that put strict laws.

In the united states, states with higher gun ownership have seen a higher rate of gun suicide. Suicide is a spontaneous act for lots of men and women. The gun shop project intends to use people rather than the law to tackle the risks involved. “A friend doesn’t permit his friend to drive while drunk” and through emergency ” that a individual could hold his buddies gun for a while, speak with them and counsel them afterwards they could give the gun back and no stigma would be attached” stated Eddie Cutler, Gun Owners of Vermont President. Though no research was done on the evaluation of how well gun store project works participants in this program are optimistic of this approach that has attracted togetherness of people across partisan line.

Though infrequent, forecasting mass shootings is extremely hard. The majority of the perpetrators have attributes of mental problems, anger and disturbance. Colleges and schools of school shooting victims can work on training students to know about risks and possible violence threats.

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